5th Generation Biometric Ration Card

Meek and Mild is pleased to launch the G5-BRAC™.  Amuse and delight your friends with this state-of-the-art gizmo that we may all be using in a matter of weeks.

To order your G5-BRAC™ for yourself and your friends, simply complete the contact form below with the details you would like on the card.  We will then send you instructions for payment.  To be able to process your card we will also need a passport sized photo of yourself emailed to us at chris@waterman.education.

Cards will be despatched to the delivery address(es) specified.

Each G5-BRAC™ Ration Card costs just £7 including post and packing to any UK address.

19.10.01 Gebrac letter
19.09.19 5G-B