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Shop Front

Welcome to Meek and Mild’s website, which is currently undergoing extensive development to take it to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) innovative practice.

Please place your order using our contact form, indicating which product(s) you require and the delivery address(es).

Introductory offer

  • all “pharmaceutical” packets are on offer at £1.50 including free delivery
  • all “comestible” labels are £1.50 including free delivery
  • all items will be sent by 1st Class Post on the day of ordering
  • if you would like to place an order please contact us here.

New features will include

  • an app (application) that will enable your personal device to order and pay for our products without any intervention on your part
  • a link which will allow you to order by talking to Alex
  • next day delivery

Our commitment to you

  • Meek and Mild will NOT disclose which products you have bought
  • third party recipients will not be told who ordered the products
  • a guarantee that, if our products do not make you smile, you can claim a 10% refund by returning the product, unopened, in its original packing, to our head office (T&Cs apply)