Home is where the hearth is….

Welcome to Meek and Mild’s website, which is currently undergoing extensive development to take it to the cutting edge of artificial intelligence (AI) innovative practice.

We are delighted to announce that our flagship store is now open again.

Our dedicated team have now returned from furlough and are ready to meet our loyal customers.

In order to repay that loyalty, we will not be advertising or publicising our address, as, with only two customers allowed in at any one time, we would not like our regulars to have to queue for two long in the cobbled street.

For those of you new to Meek and Mild, we have used lockdown to undertake a thorough review of our mission, vision, commission and values, taking account of the new challenges.

We have added a new stationary range, with a small collection of original postcards, greeting cards and notebooks.

Coronavirus Cover-Up

We have teamed up with Designer Mask Boutqiue, who have opened on the first floor of our shop, to bring you a range of luxury masks. Click here to see their current range.

Introductory offer

  • look for our introductory offers on each page
  • all items will be sent by 1st Class Post on the day of ordering

New features will include

  • an app (application) that will enable your personal device to order and pay for our products without any intervention on your part
  • a link which will allow you to order by talking to Alex
  • 1st class post delivery

Our commitment to you

  • Meek and Mild will NOT disclose which products you have bought
  • third party recipients will not be told who ordered the products
  • a guarantee that, if our products do not make you smile, you can claim a 10% refund by returning the product, unopened, in its original packing, to our head office (T&Cs apply)